For more than two decades, Acadia HR has partnered with small and mid-sized companies to manage their critical, non-revenue producing functions to allow these clients to be more efficient and grow their bottom line. We design and deliver solutions that combine comprehensive payroll services, human resource management and benefit administration support. Founded in 1989, Acadia HR serves clients throughout the United States with offices in upstate New York and Austin, Texas.

Our business philosophy has been enhanced over the past 20 years, and we continue to grow our company base on these principles:

  • By delivering necessary tools and resources to build efficiencies for our clients
  • By being easy to do business with through personal, customized service
  • By our dedication to ensure employment and tax compliance for our clients
  • By focusing on increasing value and/or decreasing total costs for our clients

One of the unique advantages of the Acadia offering is our ability to provide multiple business models to meet the specific needs of clients. We are able to provide PEO, HRO and payroll service platforms; thus allowing us to customize an effective solution for each individual client depending on their business needs. We hope to speak with you about your goals and how we can support them!


Throughout his twenty-five years in construction management, Jim Belliveau encountered business people consistently struggling with the basic nuts and bolts of managing employees – payroll, workers comp, labor law issues and employee benefits. In 1989, Jim founded Acadia HR, capitalizing on the profound need for a business operations solution to employment.