Throughout his twenty-five years in construction management, Jim Belliveau encountered business people consistently struggling with the basic nuts and bolts of managing employees – payroll, workers comp, labor law issues and employee benefits.  In 1989, Jim founded Acadia HR, capitalizing on the profound need for a business operations solution to employment.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO), also known as staff leasing companies, established the foundation of a growing industry by providing an effective, integrated solution to human resources management.  Acadia HR was one of the first professional employers in New York State.

Headquartered in Red Hook, NY, Acadia HR grew in size and prominence.  Jim also was fortunate to have served on the Board of Directors of the New York State Staff Leasing Association.

By 1994, Acadia HR accomplished several strategic hires of professionals with specific HR management expertise, experience and backgrounds.  This vital, energetic core of Acadia HR staff handily served the complex needs of a growing customer base while facing a rapidly multiplying volume of state and federal labor laws and regulations.

Acadia HR’s existing team of business advisors, including accounting firm Van Norstrand and Hoolihan, was fortified by retaining the firm of Jackson Lewis, one of the nation’s largest labor law firms solely representing employers.  By providing multiple layers of guidance and expertise throughout the myriad of employment disciplines, Acadia HR continued to expand the scope and depth of its services to the business community.

Embracing rapid improvements in technology, Acadia HR acquired an enterprise level, industry-specific HR management software platform from Thinkware, Inc. to provide more integrated and expanded invoicing and payroll data reporting features.  By 1998, direct deposit and direct debit options were introduced to increase the convenience and security of each client’s payroll experience.  Employee benefits administration expanded to include multiple health plans, dental, vision, life, supplemental insurances and retirement plans.

In 1990, Acadia HR joined the National Association of Professional Employers to effectively employ the most up-to-date and comprehensive industry resources across the country.  Acadia HR further expanded by opening an office in Nashville, Tennessee in 1999.  Two years later, another office was opened in Austin, Texas.

Acadia HR continued to enhance its technology platform.  In 2005, the company introduced its secure, 24/7 accessible Acadia Online platform for comprehensive client-level payroll, labor cost and employee data access, including dynamic master timesheets for hours and other pay submissions, employee-level online paystubs, check history, W-2 reprint and customized client information including polices, employee handbooks and other critical information.

In 2008 Acadia HR initiated a strategic partnership with a national time management firm to private label a comprehensive time and attendance system that fully integrates with payroll.

By early 2010, Acadia HR had completed its 360 review of 24/7 business continuity and implemented a fully secure, multi-redundant power and offsite data storage infrastructure facilitated by strategic partnerships with Microsoft Gold Certified partner Professional Computer Associates and other software and equipment industry leaders.

In 2018, Acadia HR rolled out a completely new and updated portal for clients and employees to access their payroll information.  This allows Acadia HR to continue using technology as a tool to communicate with all of our clients and employees and enhance the high level of customer service that they expect. Acadia HR’s core management team is comprised of Jim Belliveau, CEO, Anna Belliveau, COO, Joan Whitman, SPHR, and Adam O’Neill, SPHR, MBA . Acadia HR management team’s extensive tenure continues to build a strong foundation of confidence, respect, reliability and success.