As one of the largest business expenses incurred, your ability to track and analyze total labor costs is essential. Our approach to reporting of labor costs is simple; it’s your data, and you will have access to it, in the format you want, when you want it.


Access Three Different Ways

We have developed three ways to access your payroll reports: Self-Reporting, Standard Reports, and Custom Reports.

And depending on your accounting package, we also have the ability to create importable ledger entry files. The combination of these reporting options will allow you to get the data you require from job cost tracking reports, paid time off balances, employee wages, taxes, etc.


Once a payroll is completed, you can access exportable reports (excel and/or pdf) through Acadia Online. You have the ability to review and export payroll details for one pay period or multiple periods, and many other data views can be exported. The excel function allows for immediate access for further analysis.

Standard Reports

In addition to Self-Reporting, each pay period a number of reports will be rendered online. There are over 50 pdf reports to select from, and up to 6 reports will be provided every pay period. Common examples of reports include detail costs by department, by position, benefit tracking data, job cost tracking and employee wage data. There are many more to choose from to meet your reporting needs.

Custom Reports

If Self and Standard Reports don’t provide you with the details of your total labor costs in the format you would like, we can create Custom Reports. Custom Reports will be provided with each payroll processed, and they require a small, one-time charge to set up.