Getting People Paid

Simple and Efficient

Through Acadia Online, our secure web-based portal, you are able to simply and efficiently report all WHen otypes of employee compensation and expense reimbursements each pay period.

The Acadia Online timesheet contains all of your active employees with fillable fields for easy reporting of hours and compensation. Additionally, if you opt to use Acadia HR’s Time Management System (TMS), the process of reporting hours is made even easier – just export to an excel file and send!

Once you have reported hours, wages, bonuses, commissions, salaries and expense reimbursements, then total compensation and taxes are calculated and withheld and employee net payments are made as direct deposits, paycard deposits or paper checks.

Acadia HR Payroll Services

  • Our payroll service model is a flexible platform that gives clients both flexibility and choice. It is configured to offer benefit administration solutions and can easily be combined with human resources services. We are committed to helping clients achieve their compliance and productivity goals while delivering exceptional personal service at both a company and employee level.

Building Your Solution

Acadia HR’s payroll services offering is a comprehensive solution that incorporates payroll processing, delivery, tax management, total labor cost reporting and online access for administrators and employees. Client service options are summarized below:

  • Secure check (z-folded, sealed and signed checks)
  • Direct deposit/debit
  • Pay cards*
  • New hire compliance reporting
  • Tax payment service
  • State and Federal quarterly and annual filings
  • W2’s processing and delivery
  • State and Federal required postings
  • Unemployment insurance reporting
  • Garnishment administration *
  • Simplified payroll data management
  • Self and standard reporting included
  • Workers compensation audit report
  • 401(k) census report
  • Client account check origination *

* Optional services that may include additional charge

Business Support Tools

We believe clients should have the tools necessary to conduct business efficiently and have access to their data in the various formats that they require. In order to meet these needs, all our clients are given access to our web portal, Acadia Online. In addition to the payroll functions available, Acadia Online provides the following capabilities:

  • 24/7 Web access to tools and reporting
  • Online time reporting
  • Ready Data (excel-exportable)
  • Web-based Time Management System (TMS) *
  • Quick-E-Notices

* Optional services that may include additional charge

Human Resource Support

The Acadia Online platform also allows clients to document and support basic human resource functions and keep administration simplified in one place. The following functionality is also included in Acadia HR payroll services:

  • Personal Time Off (PTO) setup & tracking
  • Electronic Employee Data (client-determined security and access)
  • HRIS additional features *
  • Online communication tools
  • Employee loan documentation and administration
  • Automated TMS PTO request/scheduling/calendaring module *

* Optional services that may include additional charge

Whether you need a simple payroll solution or a more robust service package, we are happy to discuss your needs and design a solution for you. Please Contact Us